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Our mission is to amalgamate scientific and musical knowledge, devising new acoustical and cognitive tools, and conducting original research in the areas of physics and neuroscience that contribute to the production of music. The main focus of research in our lab is on the construction of the acoustical space, both physical and perceptual, and its interaction with temporal and frequential events in music. From the study of the processes underlying auditory space perception, we aim to create new sound environments where these processes could be tested and also be faked, rising new possibilities for the exploration of musical space.

Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary group of physicists, musicians, engineers, biologists and mathematicians involved in sound research. Our Lab is housed within the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ), Buenos Aires, Argentina. At this time LAPSo is composed by one full-time researcher, one post-doctoral fellow and eight PhD graduate students. We receive financial support from the UNQ, and national agencies CONICET and FONCyT.



LAPSo originates in late 2008 as a branch of the research project Acoustic Theatre led by composer Oscar Edelstein at UNQ, from the interaction between Edelstein and physicist Manuel EguĂ­a. It was originally conceived as the area of quantitative exploration of the Acoustic Theatre. Since March 2009 it is located in the Florencio Varela campus of the UNQ.

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