LAPSo facilities mainly consist of the Main Lab, a sound-proof room of 85 sq. meters with acoustical treatment (T60 @1kHz = 0.3 s), and a general work room of 48 sq. meters. The Main Lab is divided into a sound booth area for psycho-acoustical tests and a general area for acoustics experiments. Further divisions can be achieved using several 2 meter long moving panels, with one side reflecting and the other side absorbing. At this moment, the general acoustic area is occupied by two sonic crystal prototypes and the rail for the auditory distance project. The equipment of the Main Lab includes Class I Sound Level Meter (Rion), self-powered loudspeakers (Genelec), Measurements Microphones (Earthworks, DBX), silent computers (eeePC, Mac mini), audio cards (MOTU, Focusrite), signal Generator and oscilloscope (Tektronix).

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