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Santiago is an open source biological neural network environment mainly conceived for generative music creation in real-time. The rich behavior exhibited by this type of networks gives rise to complex rhythmic patterns, melodies and textures that are neither too random nor too uniform, and that can be modified by the user in an interactive way.

The user can assemble networks of realistic neuron models and map the activity of individual neurons to sound events (notes) and to modulations of the sound event parameters (duration, pitch, intensity, spectral content, etc.) using different synthesis techniques. The implemented neuron model was proposed by mathematician Eugene M. Izhikevich in his publication: "Simple Model of Spiking Neurons"

Santiago also includes visualization tools: a spike view or continuous voltage display for all neurons, and an event view, which provides a clear display for the rhythmic behaviour over the time.

The environment is built in Pd-Gem. It's modular structure simplifies all the operations using dynamic patching through a friendly GUI. The audio and visual outputs may be controlled, modified, mixed and spatialized on-the-fly, without restarting the simulation.

While Santiago is mainly conceived as an environment that serves the electroacoustic composer, it might also be a useful neural modelling and sonification tool for the neuroscience researcher.

It is named after Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish pioneer of modern neuroscience.

Santiago is being developed by Hernán Kerlleñevich (Electroacoustic Composer, Sound Artist, Performer, PhD Student), Pablo Riera (Physicist, Musician, PhD Student) and Manuel Eguía (Physicist, Director at LAPSo, Researcher), at LAPSo (Sound Acoustics and Perception Lab), National University of Quilmes, Argentina.

The logo of Santiago is a gentle contribution by Eugenia Gonzalez.

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